We Put Retail on the Blockchain

 Universal Adoption through data adapters


We really weren’t chasing blockchain, we were trying to solve a business problem
— Frank Yiannas on Walmart’s blockchain initative
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Adapter solution for all retailers

Technology Overview 

Our proven technology transforms legacy POS systems into IoT devices and combined with our multichain technology, transmits new consumer data directly from the golden source to the Cloud. Our blockchain processing engine enables adapter technology to securely write trusted data to any blockchain network. This new traceable data will benefit all participants in the consumer retail ecosystem.

  1. A7 Core adapter technology enables POS terminals to write directly to blockchain networks. A7 Core POS and back-office IoT adapters convert legacy POS systems into IoT devices and connect data in the cloud.

  2. Data processing engines automate complex data normalization so multiple sources are converted to a standard format.

  3. Through adapters and the engine, POS IoT devices become secure sources of standardized trusted data by writing directly to the blockchain.

  4. Blockchain processing engine enables adapter technology to securely write trusted data to any blockchain network.

  5. Partners access clean, trusted, traceable, and irreversible data that enables advanced capabilities.

Consumers should be informed in as many ways as possible…
— Tony Corbo, Senior Food Lobbyist at Food and Water

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Food Network Integration 

Multichain Technology for Blockchain Interoperability

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To establish and maintain a leading position in most markets, companies must adopt solutions that are flexible to mature and grow with new advances. This is particularly important with technology. Our unique multichain technology combined with our points of sale connections enable us to write consumer transaction data to multiple public or permissioned base blockchains in real time. Brands and retailers can now have accurate, transparent and real time information to improve safety and develop stronger relationships with each other and their consumers.

Data is useful. High-quality, well-understood, auditable data is priceless.
— Ted Friedman, Gartner


Impacting business

Proven Platform

A7 Core is leveraging technology developed by our CEO and CTO over the past 17 years and proven in the market. Portions of the software have been licensed and utilized by the very best in global technology. The platform has created or managed billions of successful brand and retailer transactions within our core target market.

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