A7 Core’s proven platform delivers accretive results to grocery, gas, and drug stores through trusted data and intelligent communication on the blockchain


A7 Core offers a number of expanded services that leverage POS IoT data

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The point of sale (POS) sits at the center of all consumer transactions and hold valuable data for brands and retailers

Global retailers have a significant investment in legacy POS systems that are holding everyone back 

A7 Core unlocks the point of sale with IoT transformation to expand services, create new revenue opportunities, and awaken foundational change


Expanded Services

Unlocking the Point of Sale expanded traditional brand services


Consumer Insights

Uncover consumer insights based on real-time purchase behavior

Food trust & Traceability

Expand food safety - traceability to the retailer and consumer or develop a proprietary program


Smart promotions

Initiate performance based promotions and incentivize purchase

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Physical point of sale systems limit ability to generate and share clean data

Significant investment in legacy systems prevent adoption of new cloud-first solutions

Transforming existing point of sale technology is critical to remaining relevant 


Internet of things (IoT) devices have embedded technologies that speak to each other, the cloud, and even blockchain


Legacy POS


IoT Adaptor


IoT enabled POS


Developed adaptors transform legacy POS systems to modern cloud-based IoT sensors


IoT capable POS systems streamline communication to enhance consumer relations


Blockchain technology secures IoT data to ensure accuracy and trust. The blockchain market is still immature but accelerating so companies must develop flexible solutions to adopt the best solutions as they arise.

A7 Core blockchain independence and interoperability ensure multi-chain solutions can work with any partner or technology

Connect to the solution that works best for you

Service-Oriented Architecture

accelerate growth


Robust object-oriented framework

Developed for 3rd party integration through APIs

Designed to support on-chain and off-chain sharding


Chain Data Management

prioritize data


On-chain and off-chain data management

Prioritizes critical data for publishing to the blockchain

Batch processing for scale without hindering throughput


Enterprise Blockchain

scale through control


Permissioned blockchain has been proven to scale

Eliminates bottlenecks of public mining

EEA credentialing for enterprise scalability